ports have made me lazy

Vince Sabio vince at vjs.org
Sat Oct 3 17:12:50 UTC 2009

I need to install zlib (not zlibc), and AFACT it is not included in 
ports. When I look at the zlib web site, I see that there are several 
(not a lot, but several) dependencies for the installation -- and I 
think, "OH NO, NOT DEPENDENCIES!" Or something like that.

I blame it on ports. They have made me lazy. I am a victim. ;-)

Anyway, and more to the point, am I missing something? Is zlib really 
not included in ports? If not, is there an automated/semi-automated 
means of installing it -- or am I back to the old days of installing 
dependencies manually?

(I have had two servers go toes up in three days, so if I've missed 
the obvious here, well, it wouldn't surprise me. Just administer clue 
in the standard manner, and I'll get with the program.)

Vince Sabio                                                  vince at vjs.org

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