sysinstal and setting up the BSD partitions inside an FDISK 'slice'.

Robert Bonomi bonomi at
Fri Oct 2 22:27:54 UTC 2009

The 'sysinstall' BSD  partition-table and mount point editor appears to be
lacking in some features that are highly desirable to people building complex
configurations with the O/S spread across multiple drives.  For the 'usual'
scenarios -- especially with modern high-capacity drives -- the case can be
made, fairly convincingly, for using only a small number of filesystems (i.e.,
possibly as few as 2) on a large drive.  There are, however, specialized 
(i.e., at least 'somewhat' esoteric :) situations where it _is_ desirable to 
use a much larger number of filesystems.  Situations were you need to control
the allocation of partition letters, _and_ 'where' on the slice that 
partiton 'lives'.  Just like being able to  edit the 'mount point', without
deleting/re-creating the partition, it would be _very_ helpful to have a
function that allowed one to change  _which_ partition a given chunk of 
disk was named.  That is, cursor to '{controller}d1s2g', say, and be able
to 'change' the final character to any of the partitions (abdefh) that are
not currently allocated any space.

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