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    i want to ask some questions about freebsd , one of my friend have freebsd in his server , he is using it , he have ips issu on his server and he is converting ips in proxies ( Socks 4/5 ) , i want to know how i can do that , how i can set firewall that or what i need to do? , like let me show you what he have did , he have give me SSH access , in that when i go i need to put commands , i will give you some commands , to make ip as proxy i need to give this command in ( Putty ) socks -d -p14344 -i204.18.245.9 -e204.18.245.9 , it will convert ip in proxy , but i dun know how to do that in freebsd , i will show you 1 screenshot as well ,  here is screenshot  ( ) , you can have a look on that as well , please help me if you can , like this i am going to buy may be 20 freebsd for that , i want to know how can i set all this in that , if you can help me in that , please send me steps how i can make ip in proxy with the help of freebsd.

Here is Some More Commands.

To Stop Socks Here is Command : killall -9 socks

To Start Socks Here is Command : socks -d -p14344 -i204.18.245.9 -e204.18.245.9



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