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Dmitry Marakasov amdmi3 at
Thu Oct 1 11:14:20 UTC 2009

* Mark Linimon (linimon at wrote:

> As a reminder, the last time this software was in the ports tree, the
> developer threatened us with a lawsuit.  This repeats what he has
> previously done to several other BSDs and several Linux distributions.
> This is why ports for his software are no longer available for these
> platforms.
> Whether the license has changed or not, the fact that the author feels
> the desire to use lawsuits to achieve his goals makes his software too
> much of a liability for FreeBSD to redistribute.

Well we can set RESTRICTED if that's a problem, then we will not be
distributing anything. I can mirror a distfile under my personal

Actually I think that the weirdnesses of an author should not be a
reason against using useful software or making it available for use
by other people, if there's no real legal threat. They may be a cause
for stagnation/death of a project, but that's another story.
As another argument, Debian and Ubuntu haven't ever removed packages
for ion3, just making a user agree with that the software may be
obsolete and unsupported. I believe they know what they're doing.

But I'll still mail ahze (who removed the port) and adamw (who
maintained it last).

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