ndis interface doesn't show up (intel 5300)

Michal ml at infosec.pl
Thu Oct 1 08:45:49 UTC 2009

Paul B Mahol wrote:
>> I'm struggling to get Intel 5300 wireless mini pci-e card working on
>> FreeBSD 8.0-RC1 (amd64, both GENERIC and my custom kernel).
> Try i386. amd64 doesnt work for me, panic on kldload.

Ok I'll try it tonight. Is your card working fine on i386? And is it 
Intel WiFi Link 5300 or some other card?

>> So NETw5x64_sys.ko has been successfully generated. Note that when it
>> asks me for additional firmware files I don't give it any - is that ok?
> Depends. Look what are other files.

That's the problem, I'm looking at them but I can't really tell the 
difference. List of files:
NETw2c32.dll NETw2r32.dll NETw5c32.dll NETw5r32.dll NETw5x32.cat 
NETw5x32.inf NETw5x32.sys dpinst32.exe iProDifX.dll iProDifX.exe 
w29n50.sys w29n51.INF w29n51.cat w29n51.sys

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