tcp delays in jails

William Taylor williamt at
Mon Nov 30 22:33:40 UTC 2009

I recently started having a problem with tcp connections in one of my jails.
Im running 4.9-stable
both sendmail and perdition experience the same problem. I even tried stopping
everything on the box and the problem still persists.
Connections to other jails on different ip's on the same box are fine.
There seems to be about a 5 second delay.

From this snippet of a ktrace I did you can see what looks to be a delay of about 5 seconds  after the CALL kevent

86872 perdition 1259617190.144575 GIO   fd 6 wrote 43 bytes
 86872 perdition 1259617190.144584 RET   sendto 43/0x2b
 86872 perdition 1259617190.144592 CALL  gettimeofday(0xbfbfde9c,0)
 86872 perdition 1259617190.144604 RET   gettimeofday 0
 86872 perdition 1259617190.144619 CALL  kevent(0x4,0xbfbfdec0,0x1,0xbfbfdec0,0x1,0xbfbfdea4)
 86872 perdition 1259617195.147032 RET   kevent 0
 86872 perdition 1259617195.147085 CALL  close(0x6)
 86872 perdition 1259617195.147120 RET   close 0
 86872 perdition 1259617195.147138 CALL  socket(0x2,0x2,0)
 86872 perdition 1259617195.147150 RET   socket 6
 86872 perdition 1259617195.147159 CALL  sendto(0x6,0xbfbfe100,0x2b,0,0x28269b60,0x10)
 86872 perdition 1259617195.147186 GIO   fd 6 wrote 43 bytes

Any ideas of what I can do to figure this out?


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