bsnmpd + zfs

Gergely CZUCZY gergely.czuczy at
Mon Nov 30 11:30:36 UTC 2009


I've read in the 8.0 detailed release notes [1] that bsnmpd(1) now
supports ZFS OIDs. So far i wasn't able to lure this support out of it,
and I'm neither able to find any information on this in its manual or
among the MIB files, or in the complete snmp walk of the host.

I've enabled mbII nad hostres, and haven't seen any more modules that
could be related in the example config, nor among /usr/lib/snmp_*.so.

Could someone tell me please how to monitor a ZFS system on 8 using
bsnmpd, what am I missing here?


(I've CC'd harti@ because he's the author according to bsnmpd(1) )

Gergely CZUCZY
Harmless Digital Bt


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