FreeBSD 8.0 system setup with ZFS steps

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Mon Nov 30 07:54:18 UTC 2009

Pease allow me a terminology note:

On Sun, 29 Nov 2009 18:30:57 -0800, Derrick Ryalls <ryallsd at> wrote:
> *Start FreeBSD normal install.
>    Select the flash device as the device to install to.
>    Use the entire device

This step creates a slice covering the whole disk. Make sure that
the slice is marked "active" when it should be the booting slice.

>    Install the bootMgr

Only needed if you want to dual-boot something. In normal cases,
writing the standard MBR is completely sufficient, because it
only boots to FreeBSD.

>    Create a single slice taking up the entire device, mount to /

A single partition - you've already created a slice.

Terminology comparison from "Windows" land: A SLICE is a "DOS
primary partition", and a PARTITION is comparable to a "logical
volume inside an extended DOS partition". Partitions are the
subdivisions of a slice holding a file system.

> *pkg_add -r bash

Really? :-)

> Am I doing something stupid that may burn out the flash drive or cause
> the system to be rather slow?

Not that I see it. You could make sure that any mount options
refering to the UFS / on the flash drive are honoring the fact
that writes should be minimized, such as the "noatime" option.
This shouldn't have negative effects on the booting process or
the FreeBSD system running on it.

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