how do i automate building packages?

Gary Kline kline at
Sat Nov 28 09:05:52 UTC 2009

	How do I build tarballs of packages that usually wind up in 

	I thought I had something in /etc/make.conf, but nope.  My
	build of OOo [311] recently finished on my new to-be server.  
	Since both the new Dell and this older Dell are running 7.2, I
	figure I can do any builds and move the packages across.

	I thought I had seen foo.tgz in /usr/ports/bar/foo/; but this
	time, no expected tarball.  --??--  A man ports isn't very
	clear.  I usually type make install clean when I build
	anything.  If I have to start over from scratch with
	openoffice would I type

	# make install package clean? Or what?


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