Frank Staals frankstaals at
Fri Nov 27 11:46:23 UTC 2009

When I was setting up my system for a complete rebuild I came across 
something unclear to me; I always used NO_PROFILE in my make.conf, 
however from what  I've read specific make options to build the 
kernel/base system should be in /etc/src.config. The manpage of src.conf 
specifies the option WITHOUT_PROFILING, which seemed to be the flag that 
I was looking for. Just to be certain I always keep the 'Rebuilding 
World' chapter of the handbook close, however that still specifies to 
use NO_PROFILE in make.conf.

So now my question: What is the desired way of turning of profiling: 
NO_PROFILE in make.conf or WITHOUT_PROFILING in src.conf ?

Thanks in advance


- Frank

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