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Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at
Fri Nov 27 10:59:51 UTC 2009

Alexandre L. wrote:
> --- En date de : Jeu 26.11.09, Dominic Fandrey <kamikaze at> a écrit :
>> Should the CVS/SVN mirrors really
>> require authentication?
>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>> Running /usr/bin/csup
>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>> Parsing supfile "/etc/csup/sources"
>> Connecting to
>> Connected to
>> Server software version: SNAP_16_1h
>> Authentication required by the server and not supported by
>> client
>> *** Error code 1
> I haven't set authentification process to sync my sources with freebsd cvsup server.
> Have you try to sync your sources with another cvsup server ?
> You can find the list here :

Yes, all other servers work. Still, this one should, too.

I do not choose the CVS servers I use:
SUPHOST=                `/usr/local/bin/fastest_cvsup -Qc de`

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