TeXlive2009 binaries for FreeBSD 6,7,8 (i386/AMD64)

acheron oliver at akephalos.de
Thu Nov 26 21:38:22 UTC 2009


I just got the news of someone who build binaries of TeXlive 2009.


>Dear TeXLive team,

>I created 6 sets of FreeBSD binaries of TeXLive2009, for FreeBSD 6, 7
>and 8, each for i386 and amd64:

>  http://anthesphoria.net/FreeBSD/TeXLive-2009/bin/

>As an active FreeBSD contributor/porter -- and a user of TeXLive on
>FreeBSD myself -- I offer to maintain all these sets and do test
>from now on. This maintenance might include producing new sets of
>binaries if significant changes occur in software provided by ports
>system that TL binaries are linked to.

>Besides, I will be glad to cover more FreeBSD versions for these two
>archs if a need arises, although this in unlikely at the moment.

>I am aware that you received offers for FreeBSD maintainership
>but I hope that my offer will suit you better because of "all-in-one"

Cheers Oliver

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