freebsd-update with MYKERNEL kernel configuration

Pieter de Goeje pieter at
Thu Nov 26 14:40:11 UTC 2009

On Thursday 26 November 2009 14:32:01 S4mmael wrote:
> Hi all!
> I've got a problem while upgrading FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE-p3 -> FreeBSD
> 8.0-RELESE with freebsd-update(8).
> First of all I made a copy of the most configuration files. Then I made:
> # freebsd-update -r 8.0-RELEASE upgrade
> All went good, except the message, that because of MYKERNEL kernel
> configuration I should upgrade my kernel before "freebsd-upgrade
> install". 

That message should probably be more strongly worded. It is absolutely 
*imperative* that the custom kernel is upgraded before continuing with 
freebsd-upgrade install.

For more information about how to upgrade to freebsd 8 see

> Then I was looking for the way of kernel upgrade, but found
> nothing. How could I build 8.0 kernel in FreeBSD 7.2? Of course, there
> were 7.2 sources in /usr/src and I didn't find any sources in
> /var/db/freebsd-update/. It's the first my question.

Use csup(1) to upgrade the sources to RELENG_8_0.

> Thus I decided to upgrade all except the kernel and then rebuild the
> kernel (that worked good while upgrading 7.1 -> 7.2). 

As you found out, you should never do that. Always make sure the kernel is the 
same or newer as world (userland) especially when upgrading to a new major 

> I made as
> mentioned in hanbook:
> # freebsd-upgrade install
> # shutdown -r now
> # freebsd-upgrade install

At this point most userland utilities (because they all use depend on 
features only available in the 8.0 kernel, while the installed kernel is still 
at 7.1. Essentially the system is bricked.

> There were many errors "bad sistem call" on th last command. After all
> I discovered that much files from / were lost (I didn't find any grep,
> bzcat and so on). On boot kernel can't find fsck_ufs, so automatic
> mounting fails. If mounted by hand, there is no way to login because
> of some init error. Single user mode works. "freebsd-update roolback"
> can't find any backup. Shell scripts can't find "test" (it really
> doesn't exists in /bin/[ ) and fails.
> How can I restore the system? I've FreeBSD 7.1 CD.

You can try reinstalling 7.1 taking care not to repartition the HDD. If all 
went well the system runs a GENERIC kernel, which is upgradeable by freebsd-
upgrade. You can then retry the upgrade process. This process (the reinstall 
from cdrom) will revert any changes to /etc, so you will need to restore that 
from backup. Perhaps others know a better/easier way.

> Thank's in advance for your help.

Good luck!

Pieter de Goeje

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