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>	I took a class in the Ingres db suite from one of the guys who
>	wrote it.  Think that Postgress is a follow-on.   It strikes
>	me as almost a *certainty* that any commerical project could
>	be done better by the open-source community.  ---If it's got
>	your *NAME* on it, you're going to be certain it's superior,
>	whereas if you're coding just for a paycheck, sure, you'll do
>	a good job.  But not as outstanding as an open-source suite.

The determining factor is "suitability to task." Once that is
determined, then cost to implement comes into play.

BTW, I totally disagree with your statement regarding "commercial
product' vs "open source" and quality. If that were really true then
Open Office would be equal to or superior to MS Office. In actuality,
it is at best equal to Office 97, and that is even stretching the
point. Commercial software is written with the end-user in mind.
Commercial software that does not sell will not be around very long. On
the other hand, open-source software tends to be written with the
developer as the focal point with the hope that others will share their
point of view.

Neither philosophy is inherently superior. In the final
determination the end user has to determine which meets their
"suitability to task" requirements; whether that be "cost",
"suitability" or both.

BTW, I am running mysql-server-6.0.11 on one of my PCs. It handles
tables for my mail system and several other sundries. It is only under a
light load; however, I have never had a single problem with it.

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