MUA questions

Rem Roberti remegius at
Thu Nov 26 06:28:05 UTC 2009

>>  I just installed FreeBSD 7.2 on a new box and am having trouble
>>  getting either fetchmail or getmail to talk to the ISP. Is this a
>>  question that can can be answered here, or is there another more
>>  appropriate forum. I thought it best to ask that question first
>>  before going any further.
> 	I use fetchmail, though I'm not an expert.
> 	What's the problem?
> 				Robert Huff
Basically, I am using Mutt as my MUA, and I have either getmail or 
fetchmail configured to receive my POP3 mail from Comcast, which is via  I am using msmtp as my smtp client, and have no 
trouble sending mail from Mutt...just can't receive.  Both the 
.fetchmailrc and getmailrc configurations have worked in the past.  Is 
this possibly a sendmail issue?  The fetchmail.log repeatedly indicates 
"Trying to connect to failed: Operation 
temed out."


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