Spammer data mining and

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Thu Nov 26 01:06:46 UTC 2009

I just got a spam from some numbnuts spammer who said (in the spam), and I

>Why would anyone still pay recruitment agency fees? Wouldn't you prefer to
>RECRUIT AS MANY PEOPLE</strong> per campaign for $499?
>Your contact details were on
> ''
>and we thought you should know that, during Nove>mber, you can RECRUIT
>AS MANY PEOPLE per campaign...

Jeezze Louise!

In the first place, I didn't even know that my name or e-mail address were
listed on that page, and I was really rather surprised to find that they
were.  Why the bleep am _I_ on there?  Yea, I've hacked free software
from time to time in my career... more than just a little... but I really
can't recall having ever ``contributed'' to FreeBSD in any significant or
meaningful way.  I mean I'm honored to be listed in with such illustrious
company, but in all modesty, I don't deserve to be.

But anyway, regardless of that, I have to ask: (1) Why the bleep are so
many e-mail addresses listed on that page in plain text, and without any
sort of spammer harvesting protection whatsoever?  And (2) who should I
gripe to about this sorry state of affairs?  webmaster(at)

I don't expect the email addresses to be protected by captchas or anything
that convoluted, but the webmaster certainly could have at least replaced
`@' with `(at)' or some such thing.

So did anybody else get that same spam?

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