ZFS pools gone?

Steve Polyack korvus at comcast.net
Wed Nov 25 17:32:20 UTC 2009

Ed Jobs wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 November 2009 18:14, cali clarke wrote:
>> I just did a clean install of 8.0-RELEASE.
>> I am _CERTAIN_ that the drives with ZFS on them were not touched by
>> the installer.
>> Having booted the system (with zfs enabled in rc.conf):
> did you try
> zpool import
> ?
This is true, a 'zpool import' will likely be necessary.  I believe 
'zpool import' by itself will just list any pools which ZFS finds by 
searching disks in /dev.  You will need to 'zpool import <poolname>' 
afterwards to actually import the storage pool.

As you've said that it's a clean install, it may warn you that the pool 
is associated with another system (I saw this when migrating from 
9-Current back to 8.0).  You can simply pass -f to zpool import to 
safely force the operation.

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