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Wed Nov 25 14:00:58 UTC 2009

krad wrote:
> 2009/11/24 Brian McCann <bjmccann at>
>> I'm at the end of my rope here with PF.  I have a ruleset loaded, that
>> is long and complicated...but I've shortened to to a "pass all" rule.
>> The box has 4 interfaces, one for pfsync, one for me to connect to it,
>> and two bridged interfaces.  The only traffic on the bridged
>> interfaces is STP and IP multicast traffic from my EIGRP routers.
>> When I run "pfctl -s rules -v", the EIGRP multicast traffic never hits
>> any rules...yet it's allowed.
>> I'm on FreeBSD 7.1.
>> Has anyone else come across this before?  I'm ready to throw out
>> FreeBSD 7.1 and try OpenBSD for pf use...which would be a shame since
>> I use FreeBSD for all my other servers, and having 2 OpenBSD boxes
>> would just be... weird...
>> --Brian

Have you read the if_bridge(4) manpage? I'd reccommend starting at the
heading "PACKET FILTERING" and checking you have the correct sysctl
pf certainly can filter bridge interfaces according to the manpage. That
said I've never tried it.

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> pf works at layer3 (ip) bridging works at layer 2 (ethernet/datalink)
> therefore the traffic probably never get to the upper layer of the ip stack
> where pf works.
> You can do l2 filtering with ipfw if you enable the sysctl variable
> However im not sure if you can do it with pf on
> freebsd. I had a quick scout through the man pages and cant see anything.
> However im fairly sure you can to l2 stuff with pf in openbsd.
> As your traffic is multicast you could always configure you bsd box as a
> multicast router rather than bridging the traffic. pf should see the traffic
> then as your working at l3 and above
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