Why in f10 scim doesn't work from skype?

Boris Samorodov bsam at ipt.ru
Wed Nov 25 11:38:25 UTC 2009

Yuri <yuri at rawbw.com> writes:

> When I switched from fc6 to f10 scim stopped working in skype. It
> shows the prompt but only English language is available.
> In fc6 scim worked fine from skype.

Aha, this time you gave some additional info which may be helpful.

> I believe scim picks up environment variables: LANG, XMODIFIERS,
> QT_IM_MODULE, XIM, XIM_PROGRAM and displays languages based on them.
> So I think linux infrastructure modifies some of those variables.
> How can I know the current environment variables of the running process?
> Anyone has a solution for this problem?

Not a solution but a wild guess...

You get linux scim with -f10- ports semi-working. That may be
due to the difference of directory/file structures for -f6-
and -f10- cases.

In general linuxulator first search a file/directory at /compat/linux
prefix. If not found the search is made at / directory. But IFF
needed file/directory is found at prefix /compat/linux the search
stops. Usually we remove those directories (from a linux distro
before installing) when native FreeBSD should be used.

Example: /var, /tmp directories are removed form linux_base ports
and are not installed to /compat/linux. So native /var, /tmp are
used at run time. The same should be for scim configuration file
as well as some other directories/files searched at run time.
They should be removed so apropriate FreeBSD destination is used.

I guess that there may be some directory/file structure difference
between -f6- and -f10- cases which causes you a trouble. To be more
precise, I suspect that some directory/file get created/installed
at -10- case which prevent scim to work as expected.

Besides, there may be a case if some needed linux files/libraries
are not installed when using -f10- while they are installed when
using -f6- ports.

Please, give those assuptions a try and report back your results.

WBR, bsam

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