restore -rf user@host:file

n dhert ndhert at
Tue Nov 24 10:51:50 UTC 2009

To use the restore command (dump/restore) with a dump file on a remote
machine, the man restore tells you can use the syntax restore -rf
user at host:file, this uses rcmd(3)
If from the target machine (on same subnet as remotemachine),
logged in as root, I enter
targetmachine# cd /home/testrestore
targetmachine# tar -rf root@ IP_of_remote_machine:/home/file.dmp
I get
IP_of_remote_machine: Connection refused
login to IP_of_remote_machine as root failed
There needs some more setup for this in order to work, (hosts.equiv,
.rhosts  or something ??).
How exactly ?
(I just need this for the restore, certainly not to be a permanent way of
transferring files)


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