hp 10-in mini?

Al Plant noc at hdk5.net
Tue Nov 24 03:34:06 UTC 2009

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	gang,
> 	I rarely glance at any come-on advertisement, but I just got
> 	one by amazon that has a $380 HP Mini 10" computer for $200.  
> 	I want to use something about this size for my type-and-speech
> 	computer.  I'm thinking more of the ASUS 9" notebook.  What
> 	are people's thoughts on this?
> 	(Yes, this is still an attempt to drive sales in a bad
> 	downturn. etc.  Still, altho these tiny computers many be
> 	manufactured in the same plant by the same corporation, it may
> 	not make any difference.)
> 	anybody on-list who cares to share?
> 	gary
Aloha Gary,

I have one running Ubuntu Linux on the HD. It works ok on a wired or 
wireless network with a Fixed IP. The automatic gui for setting up the 
network failed to work and stay where it was set so I wrote the file 
myself using a fixed IP  etc. I also run FreeBSD 7.2 on it on a plug in 
flash drive using Manolis DVD copy. I paid $400. with extra battery and 

Haven't set up the wireless for use with Coffee Shop wan yet.

Tech support for the mini is from India and I know more than they do 
about Linux and  haven't used Linux in years.

The Mini has had no problems except the touch pad is usless. Touching 
the pad  is a click or several same as the buttons.) I found out that by 
touching the light above it turns it off so you can use a wireless mouse 
which works well. HP Tech support did not know how to disable the 
touchpad. A terminal is brought up by alt/f2.

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