rTorrent + FreeBSD + pf = freeze?

Michael Schaefer utf128 at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 23 22:28:59 UTC 2009

On 22.11.2009 23:11, cpghost wrote:
>> Have you tried to run rtorrent and the router on two different 
>> FreeBSD machines? Does it lock the router, or does it crash the
>> rtorrent box only, or both?

even though i haven't been asked i might want to answer  ;)  Since my
box really exclusively does rtorrent i don't think it's related to
routing or NAT. pf is not active at all. Routing and NAT for my setup is
done by a dedicated different box (which isn't affected by all this,
apart from that it doesn't run freebsd).

so for me this really looks like a /networking/ issue, which is not
dedicated to routing or NAT in particular..
for me this now becomes kinda problematic, since i cannot even start the
 second rtorrent instance without crashing the machine immediately..  :(

regards - michael

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