FreeBSD 7.2 Release under VirtualBox

stan stanb at
Sun Nov 22 21:58:24 UTC 2009

I am trying to install FreebSD under VirtualBox 3.0 on an Ubuntu 9.10
machien. I just installed OpenBSD in the same environment with no issues.

However, FreeBSD does not seem to be able to get networking working. I am
trying to install from a minimal boot CD, and get the filesets from an ftp
server. I tried letting the FreeBSD installer get an address uisng DHCPm
and it failed. So I booted teh OpenBSD insatnce, and used it's setigs,
except for IP address (namescerve, defailt router etc). But still no luck.

Has anyone made this work? Any sugestions as to what else to ty?

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