Glassfish v3 server: Admin port in use

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Sun Nov 22 11:35:40 UTC 2009

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 03:01:55PM +0100, Frank Staals wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm trying to deploy a Glassfish v3 server on my workstation since I 
> need to do some jsf-developement. However when I try to start the server 
> it keeps telling me the admin port I'm trying to use is allready in use 
> by an other process, no matter what port I use. However I'm 100% certain 
> there is nothing running on the port it should use (sockstat confirms 
> that). Has anyone seen this type of behaviour and/or knows how to fix it 
> ? I'm running FreeBSD 8.0-RC1 with jdk16 installed from ports. Full log 
> is here:

this from :

"For supported operating systems except MacOS, the minimum required
version is 1.6.0_13."

this from your log:

frank at Rena# java -version
java version "1.6.0_03-p4"

that might be related.

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