fsck_ffs DIOCGINFO ioctl?

Naeem Afzal naeem_jarral at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 22 04:14:42 UTC 2009

I am not sure how this ioctl (DIOCGDINFO) in fsck_ffs/setup.c is returned from kernel. Seems like there is only one place in sys/geom/geom_bsd.c, I have enabled GEOM_BSD option in config file, but not able to see it. Could someone point out how this ioctl is returned from kernel? I see it is returning -1 from somewhere, so cannot be this place in geom_bsd.c, then where from?


.... sys/geom/geom_bsd.c
static int
g_bsd_ioctl(struct g_provider *pp, u_long cmd, void *data, int fflag, struct thread *td)
        struct g_geom *gp;
        struct g_bsd_softc *ms;
        struct g_slicer *gsp;
        u_char *label;
        int error;

        gp = pp->geom;
        gsp = gp->softc;
        ms = gsp->softc;

        switch(cmd) {
        case DIOCGDINFO:
                /* Return a copy of the disklabel to userland. */
                bsd_disklabel_le_dec(ms->label, data, MAXPARTITIONS);
printf(">>>>>>> DIOCGDINFO <<<<<<<<<<<\n");
        case DIOCBSDBB: {


static struct disklabel *
692 getdisklabel(char *s, int fd)
693 {
694         static struct disklabel lab;
695  696         if (ioctl(fd, DIOCGDINFO, (char *)&lab) < 0) {
697                 if (s == NULL)
698                         return (NULL);
699                 pwarn("ioctl (GCINFO): %s\n", strerror(errno));
700                 errexit("%s: can't read disk label\n", s);
701         }
702         return (&lab);
703 }

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