device hint -> disable firewire or sbp driver

David Horn dhorn2000 at
Sun Nov 22 01:07:39 UTC 2009

> And if I'm reading the SVN commit right, it went to -STABLE (aka
> RELENG_8) but not head (aka ".").  It still won't fix all of FreeBSD 7
> install mediums, right?  or is that "to come", maybe in 7.3?
> Also, if I'm reading the commit right, 8.0-RELEASE is going to have
> sbp(4) enabled in GENERIC too.  Can someone make sure I'm reading that
> right?

Just so that this is crystal clear:

As of this moment, device sbp is commented out of the GENERIC kernel
configuration for RELENG_8_0 branch *and* tagged with the
RELENG_8_0_0_RELEASE tag, so the release build will have sbp disabled
in the default GENERIC kernel configuration. (In other words, you
should not have boot hangs by default due to firewire in 8.0 release)

As far is 7.x is concerned, the current RELENG_7 branch (as of this
moment) still has device sbp enabled.  As far as 7.3 or future MFC to
RELENG_7 of a fix or workaround, that remains to be seen, but the best
thing to do is to make certain that the PR has all the necessary
information provided, and to occasionally test with the latest
-current (9.0) source and provide any debugging information if asked.

9.0 (aka -current) specifically left device sbp enabled so that people
can continue to test and fix this bug (gives better exposure to the

Make sense ?

Good Luck.


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