sending mail with attachments always fail (FreeBSD/pf)

Victor Lyapunov fullblaststorm at
Sat Nov 21 17:36:35 UTC 2009

> This kind of thing is often due to a mtu blackhole - when a larger
> email causes a full size IP packet to be sent. I don't see why PF
> should make a difference though, IFAIK it's supposed to let ICMP through
> when it's learned state on a tcp connection.

Thanks for your answer.
Don't know whether it is relevant to the particular issue, but i tried
both rulesets first with `scrub in all fragment reassemble` and
another one without it, but neither worked for me. I'm kinda upset by
the fact that pf can't handle large emails.

Any other ideas how to possibly fix it, please?

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