7.2, usb mouse, uhub0: device problem

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> Thanks! I guess the 'wireless' menu item is either not
> working, or I am
> using it incorrectly on that site.

There is no "wireless" menu item on the product search page:

The "Wireless Products Only" Radio button refers to products using the Wireless USB Standard that I assume is supposed to be some kind of blue-tooth killer. ("All Retail Categories" returns only 117 results)

If you select the "Hi-Speed Products Only" option, only one mouse is returned. (I never found serial mice working at only 9600bps unresponsive; barring dirty rollers. Newer mice have higher resolution I guess.)


James Phillips

PS: I genuinely did not see the radio buttons when looking for menu items (I did check the drop-down lists). Not sure how proper it is to declare radio buttons "not menu items." In my mind, menu items have an immediate effect. I have seen web-pages where choosing a drop-down item affects other drop-down lists in the page.
PPS: The choices of "effect" and "affect" are intentional. This page agrees with me (Still not sure if I'm correct):

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