BTX Loader crashes -- Help wanted

Tim Judd tajudd at
Fri Nov 20 17:55:31 UTC 2009

On 11/20/09, Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg at> wrote:
> Who should I be talking to if the BTX loader is crashing on my
> specific hardware configuration, and what specific info do I
> need to be gathering for him/her in order to have hope of getting
> the problem rectified?


Since the BTX is the BooT eXtender, what brings I think a 16-bit
real-mode BIOS/POST to a 32-bit (or 64-bit?) protected operating
system, I would start looking at BIOS options.

Some BIOSes have a windows mentality and don't let you tweak much.
Retail boards you buy off the shelf are typically pretty good to let
you tweak lots of options.

I'd also check for a BIOS update.

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