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Fri Nov 20 00:32:11 UTC 2009

Juan wrote:
>Hello i´m a mac user since long ago, i just downloaded Freebsd 7.2 and
>i will install it on a 2800+ amd athlon 64 bits , does freebsd has a
>boot camp or virtual machine,  so i can  install a os x  also?
Hi Juan and welcome to the FreeBSD community. You might try VirtualBox,
which is similar to VMWare Workstation but free and part of the ports

There's probably a package for it - try:

pkg_add -r virtualbox

However, you may struggle to install OS/X - Apple have some reasonable
technical restrictions in place, and a licensing restriction also that
prevents use on non Apple hardware. As a result you probably are not
licensed to, and may not physically be able to, use OS/X on your new PC.

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