FreeBSD port : audio/mpdscribble

Alexandre L. axelbsd at
Thu Nov 19 16:15:47 UTC 2009


I have installed mpdscribble on my laptop under 8.0-RC3 and configured it (/usr/local/etc/mpdscribble.conf).
I have add the line in /etc/rc.conf
to launch it at startup but I got the message 
mpdscribble: Failed to create pidfile /var/run/ Permission denied

If I launch it from root or using the sudo command, I haven't got problem.
But from startup or from my user account (that is in 'wheel' and 'operator' groups) I got the message above.

I have created a system user called "mpdscribble" using the command :
# pw user add mpdscribble -c "mpdscribble" \-d noexistent -s /usr/sbin/nologin
and set the option daemon_user in the conf file but I always got the same error.

Here my conf file /usr/local/etc/mpdscribble.conf :

## mpdscribble - an audioscrobbler for the Music Player Daemon.

# HTTP proxy URL.
#proxy = http://the.proxy.server:3128

# The location of the pid file.  mpdscribble saves its process id there.
pidfile = /var/run/

# Change to this system user after daemonization.
#daemon_user = mpdscribble

# The location of the mpdscribble log file.  The special value
# "syslog" makes mpdscribble use the local syslog daemon.  On most
# systems, log messages will appear in /var/log/daemon.log then.
# "-" means log to stderr (the current terminal).
log = syslog

# How verbose mpdscribble's logging should be.  Default is 1.
verbose = 1

# How often should mpdscribble save the journal file? [seconds]
journal_interval = 600

# The host running MPD, possibly protected by a password
# ([PASSWORD@]HOSTNAME).  Defaults to $MPD_HOST or localhost.
host = localhost

# The port that the MPD listens on and mpdscribble should try to
# connect to.  Defaults to $MPD_PORT or 6600.
port = 6600

url =
username =my_username
password =my_password
# The file where mpdscribble should store its journal in case
# you do not have a connection to the server.
journal = /var/cache/mpdscribble/lastfm.journal

#url =
#username = my_username
#password = my_password
#journal = /var/cache/mpdscribble/librefm.journal

#url =
#username = my_username
#password = my_password
#journal = /var/cache/mpdscribble/jamendo.journal

Thank you in advance.


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