bash prompt update lagging

Michael P. Soulier msoulier at
Wed Nov 18 02:07:26 UTC 2009

On 16/11/09 Polytropon said:

> Your PS1 seems to include ${SHORT_PWD}, a variable. It seems
> that it is not updated immediately after the cd command.

Yeah, looks like it. Works on linux though...

> By the way, this is bash-3.2.25 on FreeBSD/x86 7.

bash-4.0.33_2 on x86 6.3.

> Is this what you've intended the prompt to look like?

I'm using an awk script to truncate any pwd that's too long.

    # The actual max length is max_len + the length of trunc_symbol
    local max_length=$1
    local trunc_symbol="..."

    if [ -z "$max_length" ]; then

    if [ "$PWD" != "$OLDPWD" ]; then
    SHORT_PWD=$(awk "BEGIN {                
            path = ENVIRON[\"PWD\"]
            home = ENVIRON[\"HOME\"]
            home_len = length(home)
            max_len = $max_length
            sym_len = length(\"$trunc_symbol\")
            if(substr(path, 0, home_len) == home) {
                path = sprintf(\"~%s\", substr(path, home_len + 1))
            path_len = length(path)
            if (path_len > max_len) {
                path = sprintf(\"%s%s\", \"$trunc_symbol\", substr(path, path_len + sym_len - max_len + 1))
            print path

This is called via a build_prompt() function in my .bashrc. I guess I'll echo
out some variables there and see what's happening.

FTR this did work, and then I updated bash in ports.

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