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> Thank you guys for the interest you bring solving my
> issue!
> Actualy I noticed one thing for sure:
> I have to hdd-s in my PC, an 80GB Seagate ATA (the o.s.
> boot hdd) and one 1T Seagate SATA (only for storage), there
> were no problems when I used just the 80GB neither with the
> 1T, I noticed only that I'm getting thouse reboots when I
> start to copy about more than 4-5GB from the 1T hdd to my
> laptop (on ftp). Maybe the hdd was too warm after copying
> that amount of data?

You don't specify what models you have. The specs for a random, slightly higher-end, 1TB SATA Seagate drive states an operating temperature range of 0C-60C.

- Page 4, PDF page 11


> 49 Celsius was the top of the tempature for this hdd, I
> think its normal.

After that Google study, I prefer to keep my drives below 40C if I can. Current temp (idle): 41C.

James Phillips

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