hdd voltage

Dánielisz László laszlo_danielisz at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 19:01:16 UTC 2009

Thank you guys for the interest you bring solving my issue!

Actualy I noticed one thing for sure:
I have to hdd-s in my PC, an 80GB Seagate ATA (the o.s. boot hdd) and one 1T Seagate SATA (only for storage), there were no problems when I used just the 80GB neither with the 1T, I noticed only that I'm getting thouse reboots when I start to copy about more than 4-5GB from the 1T hdd to my laptop (on ftp). Maybe the hdd was too warm after copying that amount of data?

Oh...I'm drunk or something but I just noticed that my 1T was not unmounted properly last week and I was doing only fsck with the disk mounted so nothing was modified to the file system, now I've done an fsck -yf to the 1T (unmounted)...I got some blocks (about 300) reapaired. Maybe this produces the reboots, what do you think so?

I also done now an smartctl -l scttemp /dev/ad4 and I got the following result:
  86    2009-11-17 19:40    45  **************************
  87    2009-11-17 19:41    45  **************************
  88    2009-11-17 19:42    46  ***************************
  89    2009-11-17 19:43    45  **************************
  90    2009-11-17 19:44    45  **************************
  91    2009-11-17 19:45    46  ***************************
  92    2009-11-17 19:46    45  **************************
  93    2009-11-17 19:47    46  ***************************
 ...    ..(  4 skipped).    ..  ***************************
  98    2009-11-17 19:52    46  ***************************
  99    2009-11-17 19:53    47  ****************************

49 Celsius was the top of the tempature for this hdd, I think its normal.

Thank you,

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On Tue, 17 Nov 2009 13:27:20 -0500, Bill Moran <wmoran at potentialtech.com> wrote:
> Not all power supplies are created equal.  Unfortunately, there's
> no government oversight on power supply ratings, thus a cheap 450W
> power supply might go unstable if it has to supply 200W for very
> long, whereas a good quality 200W power supply might be able to
> put out 450W for short periods reliably.

That's true. People want crap, they get crap. :-)

> Additionally, are you sure your service power is good?  Even the
> best power supply will fail if you're not getting 120V/60H at the
> outlet (or whatever voltage/freq you're supposed to get in your part
> of the world).

In Germany, we only get the purest power made of highest
quality electrons, 230V 50Hz 24/7/365. :-) Note that I'm
running this power supply for more than 7 years now - the
SAME power supply.

> Not a direct answer to your question, but hopefully some useful
> information to consider.

That's right. If you have the chance, monitor your power
outlet, e. g. with a long term peak monitor or a scope
with battery backed up memory, just to make sure the
requirements of the PSU are met.

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