hdd voltage

Maciej Milewski milu at dat.pl
Tue Nov 17 18:04:30 UTC 2009

Dnia wtorek 17 listopad 2009 o 18:43:04 Dánielisz László napisał(a):
> Hello,
> My computer get starts to reboot all the time I do a higher hdd use (like:
>  fsck, copying more GB of data). I was sure that my power supply its not
>  enough so I changed it (300W->450W), now it does the same. I'm looking for
>  a tool to measure the exactly power consumiton (voltage and amper) of my
>  hdd, cpu and ram on FreeBSD. Do you have any idea?
> Thank you!
> László
I don't know if any tool will let you get how much power your drives are using 
but for monitoring voltage you should find something in ports. It can tell 
only if the voltage you get from PSU is rather OK or not.

For measuring exactly you should first see work done by guys from xbitlabs[1] 
They are writing how they measure that but not in very simple way ;)

Are you sure that those reboots aren't because of too high temperature on CPU 
or MB?

[1] http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/storage/display/hdd-power-cons.html
Best Regards,
Maciej Milewski

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