weird save-entropy behaviour

Ed Jobs oloringr at
Sun Nov 15 16:29:31 UTC 2009


Yesterday, i noticed a very weird behaviour on my computer (which is running 
8.0-RC3 btw.
The shells were not responding and the load was insane, and constantly 
going up. At the time i managed to lock myself out, the load was 84 and 
growing (i have a screenshot if anyone is interested).

That happened last night. Today, the computer was ok and i managed to ssh 
into it. The root account was spammed with two types of cron mails.

half of them said:
mv: /var/db/entropy/saved-entropy.2: No such file or directory

and the other half said:
override r--------  operator/operator for /var/db/entropy/saved-entropy.2? 
(y/n [n]) not overwritten

So i know that it's the save-entropy cron job, but i doubt that was supposed 
to happen, and i have never touched that directory. Anyone has an idea?

ps. this has happened before, and i had to go to the place the computer is at 
and reset it. (the tty's did not respond either)

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