how to do a custom install?

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	due to strange disk problems i was down for around 30 hours.  i am
	currently wiping dos/win off in favor of 7.2-R and i have a question
	about doing a "custom" install that would let me slice the drive into
	more that four pieces.

	i am building, by default, 

	SWAP,  and 

	it has been years since my custom install where [[*some*]] technique
	let me slice something like, say,

	SWAP,  and

	anybody remember what keys to hit in the installation procedure?



I can't say that I remember the keystrokes, but you can have multiple disk slices (aka Windows/DOS partitions) and within each slice, multiple BSD partitions (IIRC up to 8).

I have mine partitioned into (generally)

/ - 1GB
swap - 2x - 4x RAM
/tmp - 4GB
/var - 20GB
/usr - 40%
/backup - remainder

I use the whole disk for BSD (single slice) and create the partitions as whatever size suits.

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