Produce identical packages for checksum comparison?

Chris christopher-ml at
Sat Nov 14 20:18:38 UTC 2009

Matthias Apitz wrote:
> El día Saturday, November 14, 2009 a las 07:51:17AM -0800, Chris escribió:
>> I have a somewhat flaky system.  I would like to compile ports to 
>> packages multiple times and do a file comparison. ...
> Hi Chris,
> What is behind the idea to compile and pack a given port twice if there
> are no errors during the build?
> 	matthias
While I don't think there will be differences I won't know until I do 
it.  Call it reassurance.
To me it seems like a good stress test.

Also every time I update my ports tree I don't know what is going to 
break.  I have a
jail running all the time to recompile my ports as they are updated.  I 
maintain between
three to five different different ports/packages branches of different 
checkout dates.

The system is somewhat flaky and crashes sometimes.  I play with a lot 
of stuff
and am actually using Freebsd as my desktop.  I am sure that most of my 
crashing is
due to multiple jails and using nullfs and unionfs but that isn't 
relevent to my current post.

I'm also thinking of building a simple checksum database to track what 
actually changes
and what my options were when I compiled it.  It would allow me to 
better make
regression decisions.  I could also be free to delete packages and know 
if I recompile
it later that it was the exact same package with the exact same 
options.  Very simple
script to do that.  Also if say there was an option when compiling ports 
to produce files
with specific time/dates it would be helpful in pinpointing which of my 
port branches
a specific file came from.


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