David Allen the.real.david.allen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 22:48:25 UTC 2009

On 11/13/09, Chuck Swiger <cswiger at mac.com> wrote:
> Hi--
> On Nov 13, 2009, at 12:15 PM, James Phillips wrote:
>> I initially set the time-out to 60 seconds, then 300 seconds in a
>> vain attempt to see the actual power savings. With a 900 second time-
>> out, the drive only spun down once in the past 12 hours.
>> It appears that syslogd can defer *one* log entry. Understandable,
>> since you don't want to loose too many logs in a power failure.
> One of the first things you should consider is either disabling
> syslogd entirely, or else setup logging to a RAMdisk (ie, have an
> initial copy of what's in /var on the hard disk, setup a RAMdisk and
> mount as /var, then copy over the /var tree from hard drive to RAMdisk
> during early stages of system boot).

There are options available in /etc/defaults/rc.conf to do just that,
but how does one copy over the contents of /var at system boot?

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