Remote re-installation of current FreeBSD system.

Adam Vande More amvandemore at
Fri Nov 13 21:01:11 UTC 2009

> Hello all,
>> I'm in control of a dedicated server and I would like to re-install
>> FreeBSD.
>> I found the following guide:
>> which seems to cover pretty much all should need but it assumes that
>> I have some other OS (linux) installed, since I have FreeBSD 7.2-p4 I
>> wonder
>> if maybe there is an easier way.
>> The reason for wanting to re-install is because I only have on big
>> slice that covers the
>> entire harddrive and I don't want that. Primarily I would like to have
>> /usr/local
>> in a separate slice.
>> Any input, advice, tips etc would be very welcomed.
>> (trying to be prepared before attempting anything)
> AFAIK, it's not possible to install a BSD system from a linux system. I
> searched some time, and it does not seem to be possible.
> Finally, I used mfsBSD to install. I booted on a rescue disk (Linux), then,
> I did :
> dd if=mfsBSD.img | ssh remotehost dd of=/dev/sda
> Then, a reboot, and I accessed the system via ssh.

Actually is qasi possible

But the OP question isn't resolved by that.

Adam Vande More

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