atom based servers

David Rawling djr at
Fri Nov 13 13:13:24 UTC 2009

Jack Barnett opined:

>Curious, how did you get it installed?

I used the AMD64 MemStick image on a Corsair 2GB key. It's one I had
lying around and that wasn't 8x larger than the image.

>My motherboard doesn't have an IDE port (so, no IDE CD-ROM) and don't 
>think booting from USB-CDROM is supported
>Booting from USB Flash drive works?

It did for me - I never had an intention of putting an optical drive
in that server (none of my servers have opticals any more). Nothing
strange in the BIOS - just the normal boot options. IME these things
are finally getting to the "just works" stage. Thankfully!

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