networking won't come back up until reboot after ISP outage

umage theultramage at
Fri Nov 13 10:06:50 UTC 2009

 >Sounds like you are narrowing down the culprit(s). Also note that it could
 >possibly be a timing issue related to the order things start up. If 
the NATD
 >is attempting to start before the interface has come up it will die.
/etc/rc.d/natd has no REQUIRE section, so it is indeed possible for it 
to activate right at the very start. It also has a 'precmd' that checks 
for dhcp interfaces and sets up the -dynamic flag. Might be related. I 
have no way of knowing though, unless I add some debug messages and 
figure out to log them. I added "REQUIRE: NETWORKING" and now I'm 
waiting to see if the issue appears again. It's a tedious procedure... 
and the fact that sometimes, this causes named to not work isn't helping 

 >You can use something like natd_flags="-l" in /etc/rc.conf.
I have tried this, and the only thing it logs are nat rules that get set 
up at startup time. I could not find anything that would turn on actual 
status messages for this process...

PS: Is there a way to turn on logging on the entire rc startup 
procedure? There are a lot of messages that get printed onto the 
physical screen, but none of them actually end up in /var/log/messages. 
None of the three 'rc_debug', 'rc_info' or 'rc_startmsgs' do it.

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