atom based servers

Robin Becker robin at
Thu Nov 12 10:14:31 UTC 2009

David Rawling wrote:
> Hi Brian
> Indeed, I have a FreeBSD 8.0RC1 system running as my primary time
> server for the home network. Since it's an Atom 330, it fully
> supports 64-bit mode (an opportunity I have grasped with both hands).

I have one of the Acer ION gadgets running at home and that also uses the Atom 
330. I cannot find any nice way to reduce the power consumption though as the 
330 doesn't seem to support speedstep and my cpu is always running at 68C. Does
your board provide any power control opportunity?

> The board I happen to be using is an Intel DG945GCLF2 - a clone
> board with just 1 DIMM slot and two SATA ports. Everything I need
> to have supported Just Worked out of the box.
> I can provide the output of most any other commands if you'd like
> to see anything specific. I rather suspect that the Supermicro and
> other server-class Atoms will still be using the Intel 945 or
> similar chipsets.

Robin Becker

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