cannot boot freebsd

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Wed Nov 11 18:52:50 UTC 2009

On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 12:27:13PM -0600, Jesús Abidan wrote:

> i pressed f2 for freebsd and nothing happens... i pressed f1 for windows.
> I install freebsd on the first partition and now it occurs the viceversa, i
> cannot boot windows, does it have to be something with the order of the
> partitions? i mean primary, logical o something like this?

MS-Win should optimally be installed on the first primary partition.
This is called 'slice 1' by FreeBSD.   Then FreeBSD should be installed
on slice 2.    

If the slices are not to your liking, then you may need to use some 
utility such as Parition Magic 7 (I had trouble with PM-8) or gparted 
to define the primary partitions/slices before you do any of the installs.
But, still, MS-Win should be installed first and  go in the first slice
and FreeBSD later in another slice.  That is because MS-Win doesn't play 
very well if installed later and/or in a different slice.

When you install FreeBSD (after the MS-Win install) select installing
the FreeBSD MBR (not none or default minimum).    It should be smart
enough to find both.

I have heard some complaints about MS-Vista and having to do some
other monkeying around to get an MBR to handle it correctly, but I
don't know details and I do not (lucky me) have any Vista machines
to joust with.


> 2009/11/11 Jerry McAllister <jerrymc at>
> > On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 11:02:35AM -0600, Jesús Abidan wrote:
> >
> > > Hi there, i have a problem here, i installed windows in mi box and i left
> > a
> > > partition for freebsd, i finished install of freebsd and installed the
> > boot
> > > mgr of freebsd but when i reboot only windows boots with f1 pressed? how
> > can
> > > I make the system boots both?
> >
> > Not sure all of what you see, but if you literally mean that when
> > you press F1 it always boots MS-Win, that is probably correct.
> > You will have to press F2 or maybe F3 (depending in which slice you
> > installed FreeBSD) to boot FreeBSD.
> >
> > I suspect you mean something a little different, but if so,
> > please elaborate.
> >
> > ////jerry
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