networking won't come back up until reboot after ISP outage

umage theultramage at
Wed Nov 11 16:08:08 UTC 2009

On 9. 11. 2009 1:27, umage wrote:
> > When the connection goes down and comes back up it will take 5 minutes
> > before my FreeBSD gateway box checks the lease and decides if a 
> renewal is
> > in order. This is automatic. If I am sitting in front of my computer 
> and I
> > want to speed this up I issue /etc/rc.d/netif restart on the gateway 
> and it
> > will come up and be happy in about 10 seconds, rather than waiting 
> out the 5
> > minute time out.
> In my case the router does get the renewed ip, as I described earlier. 
> However, even after waiting 8+ hours, the system will not recover from 
> the outage properly (reason unknown). That's what this thread is all 
> about.
When I started the system today, I found that again it had no 
connectivity. I did some checks and then found that 'natd' was not 
running. But this is not happening that frequently, and seems to only 
have started after the last system update. Could be some sort of race 
condition. Is there a logfile that natd writes to, so that I may 
investigate the reason why it is exiting?

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