Renaming USB device

Peter Steele psteele at
Tue Nov 10 23:47:40 UTC 2009

>If you could elaborate more on the goal you are seeking, other useful information could come from this list. At the moment, it's just my wild guessing. :-)

I have a bootable FreeBSD image on a USB stick that clones itself on the target system's hard drive, creating partitions and other configuration as defined in the cloning logic. The /etc/fstab on the USB image is hard coded to mount root (/) from /dev/da0s1a. However, other systems where the hard drives use the same prefix as the USB stick, the fstab on the stick is incorrect (it would need to be /dev/da4s1a on systems with four SCSI drives since those disks would be names da0-da3).

So what we really want is a way to solve this problem--Have a generic bootable USB drive that doesn't need to have a custom fstab for different kinds of systems.

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