wdm and xdm problems - related to HAL?

Neil Short neshort at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 10 22:06:05 UTC 2009

So I got Xorg working with Hal. Wahoo.
If I log in from a display manager I encounter some weird stuff.

If I am using xdm and I log out of the window manager and then attempt to shut down the computer - by going to tty 0 and typing # halt -p - the disk syncs and then the shutdown freezes.

If I am using wdm and I log out of the window manager and want to log back in, it takes my username but does not clear the text field for me to type a password.

There is only one regular user on the system.
FreeBSD 7.2 release.
Blackbox wm.
graphics: ATI mobility radeon Xpress 200m, 64MB - 128MB.
Display: 1280x800.
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