x11/lxpanel build fails - wrong linux base?

Chris Whitehouse cwhiteh at onetel.com
Mon Nov 9 21:27:09 UTC 2009

Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 08 Nov 2009 22:41:19 +0000, Chris Whitehouse <cwhiteh at onetel.com> wrote:
>> I have WITHOUT_ALSA=true in lxpanel's options and I have even changed
>> the line in lxpanel/Makefile:
>> eco# diff Makefile Makefile.original
>> 31c31
>> < WITH_ALSA=    off
>> ---
>>> WITH_ALSA=    yes
> Maybe that's the reason. The symbol WITH_ALSA is defined.
> It does not matter with which value it is defined, so even
> WITH_ALSA=I_DONT_WANT_ALSA would be equivalent to WITH_ALSA=yes;
> try removing the whole line in order to not define the symbol.

You're right of course and I should have known, thanks for the memory 
jogger. In fact I changed the line to WITHOUT_ALSA=true as per the 
lxpanel options file (I guess the 'true' can be any value :)


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