math/py-numpy vs. math/atlas-devel

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Nov 9 18:08:45 UTC 2009

b. f. wrote:
> 1) +IGNOREME files only work with installed ports (just because the
> package database is naturally associated with installed ports doesn't
> mean that someone won't create an +IGNOREME for one that isn't
> installed), and
> 2) when trying to prevent the build or installation of a port that is
> not currently installed, the exclusion glob will be compared with the
> port directory, rather than the PKGNAME, as is done for installed
> packages. 

I've updated my working copy of the man page with these suggestions,

> And with regard to the selection of exclusion
> globs, we should note that a glob that matches too many ports may be
> as problematic as one that matches too few.

But, of course. :)  Regexp creation is both one of the rites of
passage for all system administrators and a never-ending journey. If
the -x or other glob option is not suitable there are always other



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