FreeBSD-8.0-RC2 problems

Norbert Papke npapke at
Mon Nov 9 16:41:46 UTC 2009

On November 6, 2009, Masoom Shaikh wrote:

> problem # 1
> The problem is KDE4 is not able to display anti aliased fonts. I have made
> the required changes to make it work, of course, in System Settings ->
> Appearance -> Fonts
> Hinting -> Full, and there is is one more option, the name i cannot recall
> ATM, I have set it to RGB. DPI to 96......this is has worked for all
> combination of installs I have used so far, viz KDE3 on FreeBSD-6.x to
> KDE4.1.x on FreeBSD-7.x and KDE4.2 on FreeBSD-8.0RC1

My guess is that "print/freetype2" is not built with anti-aliasing support.  
Rebuild it specifying "WITH_LCD_FILTERING" .

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